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Estates come in a variety of sizes. In addition, many estates have multiple items and pieces that need experts to effectively evaluate to insure you receive a fair offer. At PGE, we take the extra precaution to evaluate each item, piece by piece. While our expertise is in precious metals and vintage and antique jewelry and metal artifacts, we don't profess to know everything about everything. That is why we partner with experts in a variety of fields to make sure you are covered. 

After our detailed assessment of your estate, we will make you an offer on the spot with no obligation to you. Estate sales can be messy. Not with us. We use our experience and forensics in the marketplace with our strategic partners to give our clients piece of mind through their transition.



When it comes to placing value on an estate, it is vitally important to maximize the value of each additional piece. Many estate sellers will lump your pieces together and look for that "bulk" sale. Further, they may view all precious metals as scrap purchases. At PGE, we assess each piece on it's merits and use our team of experts to properly evaluate the maximum value of it.

When we feel an item needs another look, we bring in our affiliated partners to better evaluate those items, at no additional cost to you.

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If your estate includes gold, precious metals, watches, heirlooms and vintage or antique jewelry, we are the right people to transition your estate into revenue. 


We will assess and value your items and make you a fair offer with no obligation. While many Items are typically scrap, there are times when you will benefit greatly from our insight into a valued treasure.

Our precious metal, jewelry, coin and watch experts will make sure you receive fair value for each piece in you estate.

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