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Our Mobile Service


There are so many situations when it comes to gold buying and no two are alike. For clients who have a tough time travelling or feel uneasy about transporting your valuables, we offer mobile services.

Pacific Gold Exchange has fully portable gold and precious metal testing equipment and precision scales to accurately provide you with an offered value or appraisal on your items.

Depending on the parameters of your needs, we may request a nominal mobile service charge that will be applied towards the offer you receive from us, should you accept it.

Whether we meet you at your home or place of business, or a neutral, safe location, we insure our professionalism as we want you to be comfortable.

We understand it is sometimes difficult to travel to us so we have created a service for these events. Mobile service requires scheduling an appointment but can usually be arranged with a 24 hour period. We are often able to provide same day service, so give us a call.

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